Prop Shop/Fabrication

In our 2200 cu. ft. Prop Shop, we have many labeled and photographed Kit Boxes of common and uncommon props grouped according to theme. Or fabricating an object or environment from scratch is always an option. Whether it is made of wood, metal, plastic, or duplicated from a mold, we can create most things you can imagine. Can’t find it? – we'll make it!

Food Props

Many different types of realistic artificial Fruits, Vegetables and Gourds for use in bowls on tables, Farmstand scenes, etc.
Create 2 complete lightweight "full" Grocery Bags for background extras or featured talent. Logo Safe.

Medical Props

Actual Medicines, Tinctures and Ointments from the early 1900's.

Random Props

Real Moroccan decorative objects. Add an air of the exotic to Desk set-ups or Shelf items.
Lightweight fake TNT bundles. Wile E. Coyote would be jealous. Fuses do not light.
Everything you need to create an authentic Male or Female Crossing Guard Look. Real Philadelphia Crossing guard Badge. Includes warm and cold weather gloves. Does not include pants or shoes.