1987-1989 University of the Arts – Design Fundamentals

1990-1994 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts – Painting, Sculpture Training. Bronze casting, welding, woodworking focus. Assist Shop Manager. Built wood and Metal abstract Musical instruments. Won travelling scholarship to travel in France, Spain, Morocco.

1994-1995 Tangier American Legation Museum 

Lived and worked in this historical Museum in Tangier, Morocco for 1 year. Travelled extensively and showed paintings and sculptures in a curated show at the Museum.



1999 “Waiting” (Feature) – Production Designer/Art Director

Carried out every stage of development and execution for the visual style of the environments used in this wacky comedy about the restaurant business, starring Ron Jeremy, Kerry Kenney, and Will Keenan.-

2000 “DOLLAR STORE” (Commercial) Comcast / D4 Creative Group: Set Design/Props Designed, built, and propped Customer service desk for sarcastic clerk.

2000 “Diary of a City Priest” (Feature) – City Story Pictures- Art Director/Set Dresser
Organized Art Department, built sets and props, and dressed some sets for this story about a North Philadelphia priest, starring David Morse.

2001 “My Fathers Gun” (TV Movie) – NFL Films / History Channel- Lead Man /Props Assist: Researched, shopped and built period props and sets spanning from 1880 to present in this story about three generations of Police in New York City.

2001 “M– USEUM VIDEO” (Industrial) Lucent Technologies / Shooters Production Designer

Designed and built and propped sets for 4 different time periods; the 1940’s, 70’s, 90’s, and present, including an exterior café set, 70’s Manhattan loft, and 1940 living room.

2002 “Blood From a Stone” (Documentary) – NFL Films / History Channel – Propmaster

Rigged falling tree, dressed a loot filled, German occupied French cottage, and scenic painted the cottage for a grenade blast in this true story of 40 uncut diamonds found in WWII France.

2003 “While You Were Out” (TV Series) BBC Productions / TLC Carpenter’s assistant:

Worked closely with Andrew Dan Jumbo and Leslie Segrete on 3 episodes to help create a “West Indies” room, a “Caribbean Beach” on an outdoor deck, and a “Americana” Sailing themed room.

2003-2008 “Trading Spaces”(TV Series) TLC/Banyan Productions: Carpenter / Project Manager

Worked full time with every designer and carpenter on the show, problem solving and sometimes co-designing built- in and stand -alone furniture and objects. Designed and built out trucks and mobile shops, working in every possible location and weather condition, including three different countries and at least thirty states. Specializing in sculptural forms, large scale built-ins, and natural wood finishes.

2003-2005 “Trading Spaces Boys vs. Girls”(TV Series) Discovery Kids/NBC : Master Carpenter

Bought and built tools and materials to create Carpentry World, the truck, and the house carts. Made working schematic drawings from the Designer’s sketches to build furniture, objects, etc. Setup and oversaw Carpentry World, and shopped for all building materials on Day 0. Planned ,built, and installed all built wall / floor/ceiling coverings and designed furniture in the rooms. Estimated time and materials, making sure things were safe and up to code.

2008 WMCN TV StudioSet Designer / Builder / Art Director

Designed, built and propped this “Good Morning America” type set to create a versatile environment for everything from cooking shows to Doctor’s infomercials.

2009-2011 “Dear Genevieve” (Television Series): Project Manager / On Camera Carpenter

Budgeted time and materials for various carpentry projects on show. Set up mobile shop on location, and worked with show’s producers to create Carpentry scenes in shop and house. Did scale drawing designs, and built all pieces with an emphasis on exotic materials and unusual designs. Interacted frequently with homeowners and Genevieve as the show’s On Camera Carpenter.

2011-Giant Supermarket (Commercials)Art Director

Scouts locations, leads and Co-ordinates Art Department for all mid atlantic Giant Supermarket Commercials . Chooses décor and food vessels, dresses locations and works with the food stylist to create elaborate food beauty shots.

2012 “Patric” (Feature) – Production Designer / Art Director

Budgeted and organized Art Department. Designed, built and propped 4 large scale sets for this psychological thriller.

2013 “BrainGames” (TV Series) Big Smack / National Geographic- Propmaster

Researched and reproduced visual illusions for use in the Promo for the National Geographic show “Brain Games.” Built special effect props, including a contraption that uses sound to “reverse” time, a “tilted room”, and a sense altering miniature room.

2013 “30 for 30” (Documentary) NFL Films/ ESPNProduction Designer / Art Director

Used 1983 video footage to exactly reproduce the look of the 1983 NFL Draft in it’s original ballroom location for this ESPN Documentary. Designed and had built the ESPN stage and NFL Podium. Designed and oversaw the Graphics, acquisition of period props, and painting of original pattern on prop carpet. Organized art department and dressing of room, coordinating a crew of 20.

2013 National Geographic “Host Set” (TV Series) Nat Geo WildSet Designer

Designed and built this Abstract set to highlight the show’s show hosts. The different sized 3D versions of National Geographic’s golden rectangle logo hung in the studio create a shifting, interlocking effect when the camera moves through the set.

2013 Various sets for “Killer Profiles” (Series) CCFV/ Biography ChannelSet Designer

Designed and built a courtroom set, and a replica of Gary Heidnik’s Basement for this Series about serial killers

2014 “Entertain Your Brain” (TV Series) Promo Commercial – National Geographic Art Director / Props Fabrication

Served as Art Director and designed and built props.

2014 “Beat Bobby Flay” (TV Series) Promo Commercial – Food NetworkArt Director / Props Fabrication

Built and designed props and also served as Art Director.

2014 “Duck Dynasty” Promo Commercial – AMC NetworkArt Director / Props Fabrication

Served as Art Director and designed and built props.

2014 “Chica Show” French Farmer’s Market Set- Sprout TVProps Design / Fabrication

2015 “British Invasion” Infomercial Set- Time LifeArt Director / Set Designer

2015 Channel 6 News “There goes that News Van”Art Director / Props Fabrication

2015 Pompeiian Olive Oil CommercialArt Director / Set Designer

2015 Kennedy Hospital CommercialArt Director



Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Ware European Travel Scholarship 1993

DIARY OF A CITY PRIEST Sundance Film Festival 2000

“WAITING” Audience Award – Nodance Festival 2000 Audience Award – Brooklyn FilmFest 2000

“DOLLARSTORE” Philadelphia Addy Award 2001

TRADING SPACES BOYS VS. GIRLS Daytime Emmy Nomination 2003

Carpentry at 319 S 43rd St Pa Historical Society Award 2005

Carpentry at Shane’s Candy Store Preservation Alliance Grand Jury Award 2012