What We Do

Patric Future Diner SetAt Christopher Jones Designs, realizing the Client’s vision is the first step. From preliminary designs to creative meetings, to 3D CAD designs, we are committed to realizing and enhancing the visuals of the story. Screen captures of the designed set from any angle are easily modified and sent out to clients. We can even email short animation clips that walk the viewer through the virtual 3D CAD world we’ve created. Budgeting is usually always a factor, and we pride ourselves on very comprehensive and detailed budgets that are as transparent as they are accurate.

After the design process, we have a wide array of scenic shops that can fully and quickly build the design, and get it to the location. We are onsite as the project is being built to oversee the quality of the work, and accommodate any last minute design changes.

Being a full service art department, we can source the props and set dressing, and work with the studio to reach the shooting deadline in an organized and timely manner. While filming on set, our team of art directors, prop masters, set decorators, food stylists and scenic Artists act like the calm professionals they are, helping in any way to bring the vision of the director and DP to life.

And we’re fun to be around.